You reside abroad and own an apartment in Paris, Cléophée offers to take care of your property in the greatest respect for your philosophy of life. We recruit and put in place a qualified staff to guarantee the perfect maintenance of your residence.

During your stay in Paris, we will take care of the smallest details so that your stay goes perfectly:

  • Your house staff will be available and will ensure, among other things, the proper functioning of your equipment during the duration of your stay,
  • Your driver will take the greatest care of your car, it will ensure the perfect maintenance,
  • Your cook to ensure the purchases to prepare your meals,
  • We ensure the administrative management of your property and keep you informed of the events of the building.

We offer:

  • To organise personnel placement of personal assistants, administrative assistants, butlers, drivers, housekeepers.
  • To provide outsourced payroll/bill paying/tax and legal services.
  • Outsourced house watching services to keep an eye on your matters, property and collect your post and/or manage subscriptions in the event you do not want to keep personal full-time staff.
  • Project management. We can help select your contractor and designer and act as the project manager for the full renovation of a home anywhere in Europe or your personal or corporate events such as weddings, elaborate birthday celebrations or annual meetings.


  • We select the best adapted vehicles and drivers for you.
  • We manage and coordinate your existing means of transportation and assist you in any new purchase.
  • We organize any special flights you may need.
  • We provide/organize transportation for your family and friends.

Your absence must not result in damaging your property or your personal belongings. We work with the foremost experts in security to protect property and contents.

♦ Your personal belongings in France:

We can implement the following:

  • An inventory and valuation of all your belongings including precious/rare artworks, wine and car collections.
  • Act as liaison/barrier to discreetly/privately make acquisitions at auction houses and the like.

How we take care of your personal collections:

  • Cars
  • Wine Cellars
  • Handle the security and protection for your shotguns, as well as maintenance/cleaning and delivery.